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Restaurant Pagers Beepers Buzzers in Hospitality

Whenever restaurant messaging is mentioned - also known as a beeper system  - some operators don't quite understand that this type of communication device is actually more relevant today fast casual restaurants than they have ever been. Many employees may think that beepers are relegated to history but in the reality of what are sometimes difficult conditions in hospitality business and restaurants nothing could be further from the truth.

There are a number of areas that can benefit from either staff or guest messaging such as guest call, staff paging from the kitchen to waiters, call buttons that can allow guests to contact staff with text or even a text message that goes to customers or staff mobile cell phones directly that reduces the problem of lack of communication. Guest call is great to call guests back when the table is ready so any wait for a table is reduced as soon as it is possible.

Wireless calling system and wireless paging are sometimes called restaurant call. Server paging systems make staff efficient but guest messaging reduce wait times that increase guest satisfaction overall. Staff pagers help to keep waiters out in the restaurant communicating with guests and reduce wait times through fast food delivery. No more cold food. Any self respecting wireless restaurant has both systems.For a pager wireless in the form of Wi-fi is not needed.

How it All Works

It can all be very confusing if you are not familiar with on-site paging technology. Most systems available comprise of a transmitter that 'sends' a wireless signal over the air to either one or many pagers. Each pager has a specific and unique number. If you give someone a number six unit then to recall that person simply use the transmitter by pressing the number six button on the transmitter and the recipient will receive your message and act on it.

Every communication device as shown is designed to be extremely robust for the tough life that this type of equipment gets, they use the very latest technology inside that includes better reliability, longer battery life and are simple to use.

Using guest pagers has some major benefits to the guest experience that will enhance your business and the management to improve efficiencies throughout. Our CS7 guest coaster pager, when linked with a transmitter has the ability to work in a way that other guest pagers can not. Our patented designs ensure that the customer pager from LRS remains the best unit there is at any price.

All LRS units for Restaurants:

alphanumeric 4 line pager for restaurant

Alphanumeric 4 Line

The alpha-numeric TEXT device from LRS UK is one of the easiest to use restaurant paging systems available. Great features and it can work from a single AAA battery for up to 6 months.

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service waiter pager for restaurants

Service Staff

The Waiter paging systems for restaurants and other establishments (SP4 or Star unit beeper) have four unique LEDs that display a number of unique  messages as server pagers.

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cs customer guest coaster pager for restaurant

CS Series Recall Units

The new CS7 Coaster Call guest unit for customers or guests. It’s a very robust coaster call paging system that can work up to 72 hours from just one charge.

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alphanumeric coaster call pager for restaurants

Alphanumeric Coaster Call

The alphanumeric guest pager is similar to our original Coaster Call but has a four line TEXT area that can be used to send messages to customers or guests. Rechargeable and very robust.

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adverteaser guest pager for hospitality


This adverteaser or paddle pager allows advertisements on BOTH SIDES of the  unit. Its a guest or customer device that operates like our original Coaster Call but you are able to place 'promotions' on the pager itself.

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mobile phone sms text messaging system for restaurant

Cell Phone Paging

LRS UK supplies and sells mobile phones, these are here to be used with products that can  SMS text or voice message to any cellphone. Advantages include speed of messaging to mobile phones and fully customised messages or texts to customers.

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