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Logistics Paging Systems Control Staff and Drivers On-site

Getting trucks where you need them on-site at a given time can be a nightmare. Firstly there's the issue of finding the driver. Then communication can be difficult. Lastly often the driver can't visualise the layout of the company.

LRS has developed a simple system where you can instruct a driver to take their vehicle on your site at the right time and to the right place.

A new solution called Guest Sessions allows for a registration number to be attached to the pager number and importantly, the system collects data for reporting and key metrics analysis.

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Our Alpha Coaster system allows you to give the driver (as they pull in to your site) a text pager and the ability to send the driver a message when you want him to move to a bay (for example).

This system is robust and tried and tested all over the world including the UK and the cost factor alone compared to other solutions should suggest that you need to know more. NOTE: Our coaster pagers and other carried pagers have anti-microbial coating that kills viruses on contact. Learn more

Logistics Solutions

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Warehouse Staff Paging

Message management or other key staff members for a fast response site wide.

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Powerful Multi Transmitter

SMS Text message drivers or staff off premise or staff on or off the site.

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Emergency Call Button

Use these first aid buttons on-site for when there is a medical issue

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Manage Waiting Drivers

Guest Sessions is used to visually see how long drivers have been waiting.

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Driver Recall

Our TEXT pagers are perfect for recalling drivers to specific bays.

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Logistics Two Way Radios

We have an incredible array of long range two way handsets for logistics.

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signal boost for logistics warehouse sites

Logistics Signal Booster

This booster enables us to cover very large areas in warehousing.

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