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Staff Efficiency Improvements with Paging Systems from LRS UK

Contacting employees quickly in tough environments is critical to efficiency within your business. LRS has developed a number of solutions for business offices that meet every need in a fast paced office today.

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Features of our solutions typically include:

* Discreetly notify staff - even when they are in meetings
* Reduce having to track down key individuals
* Notify employees when they're away from their desk
* Reduce on hold hang-ups
* Limit "phone tag"
* Page groups or individuals

Solutions for Staff Communication

There is no doubt that staff to staff communications improve efficiency and there is no better way to contact them than with a paging system. But also if your offices have many visitors then you might well need to introduce some kind of recall solution. Other solutions include first aid paging of emergency staff whether through your PC network or standalone for simplicity. Staff members will love the way these devices operate and how they can be far more efficient in their daily duties. Overhead paging is sometimes used but that can interfere with the customers experience and any background music with paging speakers can make the messaging harder to hear. Netpage unlimited is the perfect answer for on-site personal communication to staff.

Netpage unlimited is a great way to get extra benefit for communication and security simply because communication is entirely silent and when there are any security threats by persons, they won't be given any clue that security is aware of their actions.

Lastly our call buttons are useful in many scenarios, for example in unmanned reception areas or anywhere that someone needs to talk with staff onsite simply at the push of a button.

Customers sometimes ask about how many pagers the systems support and generally it is at least 999 so the limit is frankly irrelevant for most potential users. The range of our call buttons is a few hundred metres, but we do have a repeater that can extend range substantially further.

In the case of our networked staff or visitor paging system range is generally not an issue but we can supply range extending equipment if necessary. Remember that LRS is a manufacturer and we can offer far better warranties against manufacturers defects than any other competitive product supplier. Our warranty is typically three years, but can be extended easily.

Remember that LRS has been supplying these solutions since back in 1993, and this UK office since 2001.

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Pronto Call Buttons

The pronto is a low cost solution that can message staff with up to six unique messages. battery or Mains driven.

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Staff Communications

Can be used on any PC network or stand alone computer NPU features staff paging, customer paging and more.

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Call Button for Emergency

In any emergency, time can be critical. Contact staff directly with the Butler XP that can message one person or many.

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