Hotel & Resorts Service Level Improvements



Improve Guest Experience Using the Latest Paging Technology

Guests are demanding better and better service from hotels and restaurants. But that's not too easy to achieve especially without the solutions that make everything more efficient. LRS equipment features paging systems that can help establish a higher level of customer service throughout the hotel or resort providing improvements where it matters.


But that's not all. LRS also has products that help communications between staff for hotels and resorts. We even offer solutions that will drive growth for your beach and poolside food and beverage sales.

Communications Solutions for Hotels and Resorts


Poolside Paging

The best on demand service for guests available. The Butler XP paging system makes it easy for guests to order food and drinks or to request assistance. They don't even have to leave the comfort of their chair or leave children unattended. At the push of a button your staff is notified via alphanumeric text message where service is required. You will see an immediate increase in sales.




Call Staff Immediately

Netpage (NPU) is perfect for busy hotels or resorts simply because it operates over a network. Truly multi-user ability for staff all around the building to use to communicate effectively with staff or guests. Quickly recall guests when you need them. NPU is a very powerful package with many features, including a wait list.


wireless-radios-for-hotels and resorts

Wireless Communications

For many years we have been supplying long range two way radios to many of the largest companies throughout the UK. These include all main brands like Motorola, iCom, Hytera, Opus, Kenwood, Entel and others. Rent or buy! and we can supply all of the accessories for these radios. ATEX radios for special applications no problem either.



CS7 Customer Pager

The best guest pager from anyone and used in hotels and resorts all over the UK  to recall customers when needed.



CS6 Guest Pager

Similar to the CS7 but with one way messaging only... same high quality but just lower price.



Guest Sessions Waitlist

Gives a visual display about how long customers are waiting and collects data for reporting metrics.



Adverteaser Pager

Like the CS6 but in a different design. Offers ability to add advertising easily that can be updated by you.



Waiter Paging for Hotels

Push the button and the waiter will return to collect the food for guest delivery. Fast, efficient, and great pricing.




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