Frequent Questions Asked By Customers

Frequently Asked Questions about our solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which pager is the best for queue management in restaurants?
  2. Do you have a finance option for a bulk business purchase?
  3. I saw your lobster pager & wondered about special requests or other designs?
  4. Which device has the longest range if customers want to wander?
  5. Are pagers waterproof?
  6. Can two way wireless radios have an earpiece fitted for door staff?
  7. Do pagers need charging daily?
  8. Do your Pagers have an anti theft system fitted?
  9. Does the customer pager come with warranty

Answer 1:

Customer coaster pagers were invented in 1993 by Long Range Systems. The Coaster Call pager is extremely robust, takes up minimal space (these coasters stack when on charge) and are a low cost option. The customer pagers that LRS makes today also includes the Adverteaser, Pizza pager, Lobster pager (for seafood restaurants) and our new SafeTouch pager that kills microbes on contact, perfect for restaurants and anywhere that cleanliness is critical (such as a hospital).

Answer 2:

Long Range Systems UK offers a leasing facility for all purchases of £1000 excluding VAT at excellent rates to our customers.

Answer 3:

Unfortunately because the designs cost substantial money we are unable to offer custom made pagers for less than a quantity of at least 100,000 units.

Answer 4:

While our regular pagers offer a range of up to two miles (with the correct transmitter) for customers that might want to leave the immediate vicinity our SMS Text messaging system (known as the Freedom Transmitter) is the best solution for that purpose. Obviously with a cell phone SMS range becomes a non-entity.

Answer 5:

We used to make a Pager called the Aqua pager that was waterproof to 1 metre submersion but it rarely sold. However, most of our customer pagers are splash proof.

Answer 6:

We supply a number of earpieces for all of the two-way radios that we sell, including D shape, C shape and clear acoustic earpieces.

Answer 7:

Pagers typically need charging for at least 6 hours continuous, but once charged will easily last to up to 48 hours of use before a recharge is necessary depending on usage.

Answer 8:

All of our customer pagers can operate with anti-theft systems within the transmitters.

Answer 9:

All LRS UK supplied products come with at least three years warranty from the UK offices and we offer an optional 10 year warranty to all purchasers of new paging systems (terms apply). And in fact LED failures on our pagers are some of the lowest failure components on any of our pagers.