Door Bell Button Kit for LRS Dry Contacts

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Door Bell Kit Works With LRS Equipment

doorbell button kit for lrs dry contacts

The door bell or push button kit can be used with any LRS units that have dry contacts available on the unit.

LRS is developing more and more products where these door bell kits can be used for different solutions to problems within a business.

For example, can't hear the back door buzzer? or unmanned reception? or even nighttime front door bell in a hotel?  Then you need a dry contact system and this door bell kit along with a pager.



  • Extends the use of LRS solutions to include many other uses
  • Low cost product


  • High Quality Door Bell - will not let you down
  • Complete kit

Compatible Products include:


Dry Contact on T7470 TX

The T7470 transmitter includes a dry contact that can be used for multiple applications




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