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Integrated Service Paging Solutions for Cinema's

Fantastic new solutions for your cinema or theatre which can increase profitability dramatically.

LRS now has a cinema solution for quality cinemas where the patron is able to call for service. This option allows upselling confectionary and other products simple.

LRS offers a complete line of paging systems and solutions to solve those issues in your industry that provide increased service.

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Our integration in to cinema seats makes calling a member of staff very simple yet effective paging solution for push for service systems in cinemas and theatres.

Increase sales by giving patrons the ability to contact staff as soon as they need service or assistance. Our Push for Service buttons were developed for this style of service requirement.

Push for Service in cinemas and theatres includes one of LRS products which we can install in to a cinema or theatre chair. The OEM TX board has 4 dry contacts that are typically used as push for service buttons when installed in to cinema chairs. Depending on the complexity of the overall requirements up to four chairs can be covered with just one unit.

Solutions for Cinema's and Theatre's


PFS Call Buttons

A simple push button to call staff when service is needed.



Cinema Chair Paging

The OEM-TX-M8 can connect to up to 7 chairs per transmitter.



Two Way Wireless Radios

Quality wireless radios with all brands available.



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