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NHS Healthcare Patient Service levels Improved Using Paging Systems

Our onsite hospital pager systems allow the hospital to carefully manage patient flow throughout the patients visit. Optimum patient flow and control is an integral part of creating effective patient care.

We have developed NHS hospital pagers which typically are used in radiology, pharmacy, labs, X-ray, accident and emergency and other departments to call waiting patients. While waiting the patient is able to go to the cafeteria or stroll around the rest areas designated for patients.

LRS UK has supplied many hospitals here in the UK with hospital paging systems and equipment for Patient Flow within NHS patient areas.

Download this MP3 file (simply right click and save the file or click the link to play in media player on your pc) which is an extract from NHS West Suffolk Hospital discussing their findings on a radio station.

Hospital paging systems eliminate the need for overhead PA systems and maintain patient confidentiality. Flat Screen Systems simply display customer names and remove patient confidentiality in the hospital environment, but by using pagers in hospitals, this process becomes much more secure and private.

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These tools can eliminate the need for overhead PA systems and ensure patient confidentiality. Flat Screen Systems only display customer names and remove patient confidentiality.

Above is an example video of NHS pagers in action.

LRS has a whole collection of specialised equipment and solutions that are designed to meet the needs of a busy library environment so whether staff or library member paging it's all catered for with our solutions.

We have integrated in to many systems a protection method that helps stop patients leaving the premises with a pager so they can return them.

 Solutions for Healthcare NHS

Our patient pagers and other recall solutions can be used for any time that patients might be waiting or want to go to the cafe. With our patient pagers you can allow patients to easily visit the cafe or stroll in the rest areas of the hospital easily. And its so easy to call your patient back when its time for the doctor to see them. 

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Nurse Pagers

Easy to contact and find staff in any large healthcare or hospital premises. Not for crash systems.

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SMS Text to Patient

SMS Text message patients or staff off premise or staff on or off the hospital site with pre-stored messages.

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nurse call button

Call Button for Nurse

Easily ask a nurse for help when a patient needs assistance. Give your patients the ability to contact you immediately they need your service or assistance.

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Manage Waiting Patient List

Guest Sessions is a great new application that can show visually how long patients have been waiting and with other LRS equipment can call patients back.

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Patient Recall From The Cafe

The CS series of coaster pagers originally invented for hospitality, works incredibly well in healthcare to recall patients from the cafe after extended wait times.

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Healthcare Two Way Radios

We are a major supplier of all two way radios and can offer all brands and all accessories. We are fully authorised and can also advise about licensing if necessary.

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