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Protect Pagers from Damage With This Leather Case

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The LRS UK Pager Protectors are one of the most useful accessories we manufacture if you use pagers all the time.

These leather cases are designed to help protect the pager in case of extreme use. Protect your pagers with these cases, if you drop a pager it could prove expensive, but these leather cases are designed to help you save the cost of a pager.

Most customers buy these cases and while they are an option, they are really worth considering for the cost savings alone.

Extend your pagers life with these pager protectors.


  • Easy to insert yet holds pager securely
  • Made of easy-to-clean Real Leather
  • Only available for the four-line, battery-operated, alphanumeric pager and Service Waiter Pager sizes


Compatible Products Available for the Leather Cases:

waiter pagers and leather case

Service Pager SP4

Quality robust unit that is tried and tested for a multitude of different business.

sp4 service pager button

four line message text pager

Manager Pager Text

Pocsag text messaging unit used for staff and management 4 line screen.

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