Motorola Two Way Radio XT180 Twin Pack

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Motorola XT180 Low Cost Communications

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Across the warehouse, shop floor or school playground, the Motorola XT180 enables instant and clear communications at the touch of a button. Developed specifically for business and commercial users, the XT180 is a general-purpose two-way radio, ideal for users needing to stay in touch with staff, colleagues or team members quickly, easily and economically.

Convenient, Flexible and Expandable:

The Motorola XT180 twin pack provides you with all the convenience and benefits of two-way communications without the cost or hassle of obtaining an operating license. Multiple new handsets can be added to your radio fleet at any time and existing Motorola PMR446 users can also expand their existing radio fleets with XT180 radios to accommodate a growing workforce. The XT180 has been designed to be lightweight, comfortable and simple to use, offering superb audio clarity and clear communications in a wide range of environments. High performance rechargeable batteries ensure that XT180 can operate on long shifts without the need for recharging.

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Basically the XT180 is license free in the UK.


  • IPx2 Sealing:
    Radio is splash proof – protected against falling water equivalent to a light rain shower.
  • Room Monitor:
    Radio can be positioned and set to detect voices or sounds and transmit these back to the listening radio without having to press the PTT.
  • Interference eliminator codes:
    A choice of 121 interference eliminator codes can be set for each of the 8 channels, providing a wide range of channel settings and helping to avoid channel interference.
  • Auto Channel scan:
    All channels can be scanned to automatically detect channel activity enabling users
    To respond quickly to multichannel communications

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