Why use Long Range Systems as your Communications Supplier?

Why LRS (Long Range Systems UK Ltd)

LRS is the leading supplier worldwide of on-site wireless products and communications used in almost every industry. LRS In Dallas has been in business for 20 years and we are celebrating it's 20th year in business in 2013. We have developed a website to celebrate through those years showing how LRS has changed over the years.

LRS comes from being a USA based design and engineering facility with professionals who place a priority in understanding and meeting our clients requirements. You can be assured that LRS solutions are practical and easy to use. Choosing a solution produces four traits that sets LRS apart and these have been the foundation for our success worldwide.


LRS is committed to bringing you the most durable products available in the market today. Our designs are created and controlled in the U.S.A., not overseas. Each group within our organization is trained in TQM (Total Quality Management). To further our commitment to quality, our engineers employ XP (Extreme Programming) concepts in order to develop better products with “first time” performance.


LRS has always led the way in Customer Service. Whether it’s Friday at 8pm or Sunday at 9am, LRS service is available with 24/7 live tech support. Critical items will be advance replaced within 24-72 hours. At LRS, we’re not number one, YOU ARE!


LRS has always been the leader in value-driven products for the paging industry. Using U.S. engineering and overseas production, we guarantee the most features for the greatest value.


LRS has many patents. We lead the industry with such accomplishments:

• First Coaster Pager 1995 (Patented)
• First Stack-Charging System 1995 (Patented)
• First Anti-Theft System for Pagers 1996
• First Electronic Comment Card 1997 (Patented)
• First Low-Cost Seating System 1997
• First Cell-Phone Paging System 1999 (Patented)
• First RF Reprogrammable Server Pager 2001
• First Quick Casual Receiver 2002 (Patented)
• First Quick Casual Table Locator 2002 (Patented)
• First Curbside/To-Go Paging System 2002
• First Blue Coaster Pager 2002
• First Lobster Pager for Guests 2003 (Patented)
• First Trivia Game Pager 2004 (Patented)
• First Sombrero-Shaped Pager 2004 (Patented)
• First Horseshoe-Shaped Pager 2004 (Patented)
• First Cactus-Shaped Pager 2004 (Patented)
• First Tire-Shaped Pager 2004 (Patented)
• First Pizza-Shaped Pager 2004 (Pending)
• First Fish-Shaped Pager 2004 (Patented)
• First Crab-Shaped Pager 2004 (Patented)
• First Network based Transmitter with integrated guest paging
including cell phone paging, table and seating management and wait list management
• Automated Call-Ahead Seating