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Whether you have an interest in long range walkie talkies used like two way radios we have every solution available. As a leader in the supply of  long distance walkie talkies and wireless radios we also carry all accessories.

We have developed a brand new website specifically for two way radios (we supply many more than on this website) that has every radio with  all brands and all accessories (including ATEX handsets) that we sell online with full technical specifications. This is really to draw your attention to the fact that we sell thousands of long range two way radios in the UK.


Recently we supplied what could possibly be the largest order of MOTOROLA XT460 two way radios for the UK. We can't disclose who bought them, but as you can see from the image below there were in fact over 1700 radios supplied. To win business like that we have to offer incredible service and support AND pricing. If you want volume of any brand of wireless two way radios please contact us directly for probably the best quote you can probably receive from amy company.


Water resistant, lots of channels, miles of range, if you need long battery life, fully rechargeable battery, hands free operation, use of privacy codes these radio sets on our above website cover every aspect of radio sets that you can think of but below are just a few sample radios that we sell.

Remember that long distance radios depend on ideal conditions of weather and line of sight for communication. Some units have 22 channels and some 50 channel but include 142 privacy codes. Below are just an example of the hand held radios we have available but a visit to our other website includes hundreds of long range walkie talkies. Note that in the UK there are no noaa weather alerts. Range generally on the hand held devices is between 4km and 8km range. If you need 35 miles or 50 miles then you need alternatives to these hand held devices.

LRS Two Way Radios - A small sample here:

motorola xt420 wireless radio

Motorola XT420

Introducing Motorola's newest addition to the license free market, the XT420, for business and everyday use. With a range of approximately 8km, depending on terrain.

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motorola xt460 wireless radio

Motorola XT460

Introducing Motorola's addition to the license free market, the XT460, for business and everyday use. With a range of approximately 8km, depending on terrain.

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        motorola tlkr radio

Motorola TLKR Twin Pack

Simple, compact and easy to use by all the family. Shopping, on the beach or just playing in the garden, the TLKR T40 is great for staying in touch.

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         opus t2 pro wireless radio

Opus T2 Pro Licensed Radio

When License free radios can't deliver the range, or if channels are congested by others, get the Opus T2-PRO.

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opus t5 wireless radio

Opus T5 Licensed Radio

Opus T5 waterproof Radio - rugged and works in most environments. Massive features and ready to go right out of the box.

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htq 8100 two way radios

HTQ 8100 Lone Worker

For lone worker with a 'man down' option, these radios are a very cost effective solution and work exceptionally well without compromise.

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kenwood two way radios

Kenwood Range

Class leading robustness, clear audio quality and top-of-the-range features, including audible channel recognition, using speech synthesis. Long range two way radios.

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icom two way wireless radios

iCom Range

The radios from ICOM are suitable for a variety of needs – large or small, mobile or stationary. Offering a wide frequency range, multiple signaling and loud audio.

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vertex two way radios

Vertex Range

Standard is now Yaesu, one of the big four in radio communications. Vertex radios should be a considered especially when it comes down to buying a rugged licensed radio for the UK.

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