Guest Sessions App for Coaster Call Paging Systems



The free app that can allow data collection with guest pagers


Guest paging systems were invented by LRS. But they have always depended on up to date paper or other records to operate efficiently. There has never been the ability to collect data from those systems - until now!

But Guest Sessions is suitable for far more than only restaurants! It is perfect for logistics and warehousing, retail or anywhere that it is time critical to call back a customer.

At last customer paging systems can be used with the guest sessions free application to collect important data. This data shows the key metrics of the business so that you can easily update procedures to make efficiencies and quality of service better.

We have a complete separate website for Guest Sessions where you can learn much more about this application.

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Guest Sessions is simple to use - here's how: 

Give customers a pager - but now you can add their name to the pager. Both the pager number and name appear on screen so when it's time to recall a guest you can greet them by name.

LRS Guest Sessions - Custom Labels

The system visually monitors waiting customers time and at 80% of your target time you are notified on screen as shown below - the visual representation changes to orange from blue.

Collect data with LRS Guest Sessions.

If any guest is waiting longer than your custom set target time then the visual representation on screen will turn red - showing that this customer is 'over target time'.

LRS Guest Sessions fast-tap interface

Recalling a guest could not be easier... simply touch the pager on screen and the customer will be paged, it's that simple.

LRS Guest Sessions - free download from iTunes

Date Reporting

Importantly, once you are connected to the internet and can use LRSConnect* with the necessary equipment then you can review your data for up to two years*


  • Simple to use
  • Free to download
  • Increases efficiency
  • Increases quality of service
  • Provides measured key metrics
  • Multi screen
  • Works with LRS guest pagers

Compatible Products


Coaster Call Pager

Coaster call pagers work great with guest sessions and make an incredible business tool.

guest sessions pagers more info



The Freedom T7470 transmitter integrates seamlessly in to the Guest Sessions app.




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