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Retail Paging Systems Push Buttons for Staff & Customer

Retail business has got harder since 2008 when the financial infrastructure of banks took one of the biggest hits in history. Sales in retail have suffered as a consequence of general austerity within the UK. If you're in retail you will know what we mean.

But how can any retail business actually increase the bottom line, it sounds an impossible task.

The answer is simple but less obvious to many businesses. The way to expand in today's retail business includes:

  • Customer Service and Quality of Service
  • Efficiency of Staff
  • Increased Productivity

Considering these points, imagine if your organisation was 'perfect' in each area, what would be the result? Firstly your company would stand out in retail above your competitors. Often in retail, businesses are selling the same products in competition to each other and frankly the difference is often customer perception and quality of service. But its the things above that actually set one company as being 'better' than its competitors.

And in that area its the CUSTOMERS who should mean everything to your business. Look after the customers and indeed you will succeed in retail today.

Analysis of the above table shows that it is possible to actually buy a solution for each and every critical area of retail that can be easily improved with incredible results.

We supplied one retail chain with a product for customer service. That solution had an ROI of less than 7 days and went on to be rolled out nationwide (and indeed worldwide) within that retail organisation. Clearly it worked.

LRS UK supply many systems suitable for all kinds of retail paging from push for service to staff and customer paging. We have also developed solutions solving communication challenges for dressing rooms, receiving docks, assistance buttons and more.

retailing PFS  fitting room paging system

Benefits of our retail systems include:

* Quality of customer services
* Elimination of overhead paging
* Improvement of staff communication
* Reduced staff requirement

If you address the issues then the simple result is increased bottom line, with better 'perception' of your brand in retail. This becomes a lasting effect that will take your company forward in retail business for years to

LRS also offers long range two-way radios of all brands both licensed and unlicensed radios for instant voice communication and messaging. See our very latest offerings on our new custom radio website TWOWAYRADIOSUK.CO.UK

If customers don't receive excellent service they can easily get annoyed and sometimes will never come back once they leave your premises. Get the LRS Push Button answer to those problems - the Butler XP.  Your customer just presses a button and your staff can be there immediately. They get great service and you get a happy customer that will come back again and again.

Retailing Paging Solutions

retail pfs call button

Retail Butler Call Button PFS

Push button paging for customers within your establishment. The Butler XP paging system is waterproof and can withstand the elements. Extended range device.

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retailing customer mobile paging

Retail Mobile Paging

Contacting customers when they have left the store while waiting can be difficult. But this unit can message SMS to their cell phone from set message lists.

 retail text message customers info

retailing wireless two way radios

Retailing Two Way Radio

We have available every radio you can imagine - and every accessory too. Our new website has it all so do check here for full details of our wireless radios.

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changing room push buttons

Retail PFS Buttons

The elegant pronto push for service button is a 1 or 6 button unit. Messages can be fully programmed to your exact needs. Use these in fitting or changing rooms for a slick presentation and improved efficiencies.

 retail pfs button pronto fitting rooms button

cs6 retail guest pagers

Retail CS6 Guest Pager

Using CS6 pagers to recall waiting customers is a smart way of working. Firstly it 'hides' any queue that could form, but secondly you can offer the excellent service that the CS series pager can introduce to your company.

 retailing cs6 guest pager info button

cs7 retailing customer pagers

Retail CS7 Super Pager

The CS7 customer pager when used in any retailing environment is perfect for allowing customers to browse the store while they are waiting for any type of service related task. Close more business. Customisable colours.

 retail cs7 customer recall info button

retailing customer paddle adverteaser pager

Restaurant Paddle Pagers

Similar use as the CS6 but a different design that can change advertising simply. Offers ability to add advertising.

 retail paddle pagers info button

retail staff paging on-site

Retailing Staff Pagers

Messaging staff directly solves so many things. No more intrusive overhead calls and discreet communications.

 retail staff text messaging info buttn

guest sessions retailing

Retailing Wait Lists

Managing waiting customers can be difficult, but with guest sessions when used for waiting customers its simple!

 retail waiting list management info

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