Fork Lift Paging Improves Warehouse Productivity



Increases Communications to Fork Lifts in Warehousing or Logistics

forklift pager

This product is now obsolete.

This device has been specifically developed for industrial fork lift operator communications to increase productivity. It can flash when a message is received and can store a number of messages. Direct contact with the driver is easy. Whatever the need to message the fork lift operator directly this unit can handle it giving increased employee control with the added increased production that a good communication system can offer.

LRS developed this fork lift pager solution to operate from the fork lifts own power thus eliminating all other power issues at once. The unit can work from around 12 volts through up to 36 volts so it is suitable for many brands of fork lifts.

Warehouses are typically noisy places, so an overhead page could be misunderstood or easily missed. With Forklift paging, the driver instantly sees there is a message and can respond immediately. This speeds up response times, eliminates missed messages and improves communication because the message is clearly conveyed. 

In noisy environments the message gets through to the fork lift operator. The Driver can respond instantly. Improved communications. Forklift pagers integrate directly in to PC Paging system. Now control the communications right from your PC without ongoing costs. Simple implementation, simple maintenance, simple to use.


  • Increases range at low cost
  • Reduces out of range reports
  • Increases Serviceability within your Business



  • Can be mounted indoors or outdoors
  • Slim design allows unobtrusive installation
  • Slim profile allows antenna to be mounted virtually anywhere
  • Easy to install
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Works with all transmitters that have an external antenna