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Staff Communications Business Paging Solutions

LRS paging solutions enhance customer service, increase staff communications and make your company more efficient. The net result is a more easily managed grocery or supermarket stores or company with the added value of increased profitability.

LRS offers a complete communications solution of paging systems and solutions for grocery and supermarket food retail environments.

Our PC Paging solution removes all those overhead calls once and for all. And with inter connectivity to your phone system our paging systems allow staff communications AND customers with TEXT messaging or automated voice calls.


Shown above is one of our call for service buttons which is used as a till support button in many supermarkets in the UK. This device can be custom programmed, and can easily increase your response times to problems at the checkout. If you have customers that have to wait, our new SMS Text paging solutions can easily tailor wait list flow to be as efficient as possible.

PFS Call Buttons

A simple solution to a typical problem area. Push for Service buttons offer the customer an instant method of contacting staff. Can be used for staff to staff communications also. 

Available Products


Staff Call Button

A waterproof transmitter for indoor or outdoor use. Can be used by customer or staff. Useful for disabled customers but also at tills.



Radios for Supermarkets

For Grocery - Motorola, Opus, Kenwood, iCOM, Hytera and Vertex. We can supply or rent or hire all long range two way radios at great pricing.



Customer or Staff Paging

When running a busy supermarket communications with staff and customers is critical. This software is browser driven and can handle it all. Includes wait lists.



Customer Call Back

As a stand alone pager the CS series are the best in the world. Low cost, high performance and unbeatable. Solves queues instantly.



Manage Wait Time

We developed Guest Sessions to manage waiting times visually. See exactly how long customers are waiting and call them back easily at the press of an onscreen button.




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