ICOM Two Way Radios for Long Range Staff Communications



ICOM Two Way Radios Long Range Staff Communications


Long range two way radios or walkie talkie radio from ICOM are a core product for LRS UK. We can help whether you need licensed or unlicensed radios. We supply ALL ICOM radios to customers in the UK at great prices without affecting our service that customers demand from a commercial radio.

All radio accessories and microphones are also available from LRS UK.

Our new website specifically for two way radios is now online at: TWOWAYRADIOSUK.CO.UK and there are a tremendous number of radios available with accessories to match.


  • Highest quality with robust design
  • Extended range
  • Licensed and License free
  • Eliminate overhead paging

Buying from LRS UK ensures that your supplier will be here year after year to support the ICOM brand and service your account to a very high standard.

We can advise regarding Ofcom Licensing here in the UK and can apply for licensing on your behalf.

Compatible Products include:

icom radio accessories

iCom Radio Accessories

We sell and stock a wide range of accessories for all iCom radios.

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