Children's Crèche Nursery Pager System Ensure Security



Nursery Paging System for Security, Staff & Parent Communications

In any children's crèche or nursery ensuring children are protected properly is of the highest importance.  LRS offers several on premise paging  solutions for nurseries. All systems are very easy to use. Allow your nursery or crèche staff members to communicate silently and immediately with parents when they need to be recalled. In some countries nurseries are often referred to as church nurseries, but in the UK just 'nursery' is used.

Staff pagers are a great way to ensure that the staff are working efficiently and the quality of service to parents can be improved dramatically. Once you have tried these solutions staff members will want to use them all the time.

In an emergency or if there is a security issue in the nursery its easy to message staff or parents silently so that there is no disruption using our nursery paging systems. Remember we offer a free trial to customers for up to 14 days so that you can check the paging system out on your site.


These are completely configurable to your requirements whether for staff or parents use.

Parents are always concerned about their children when they are in a nursery and the parents are elsewhere. They need to know that if ever there was an incident that nursery staff are able to contact parents easily. And of course security is one of the key factors when putting parent minds at rest. Some parents consider a cell phone as the answer for emergencies, but sometimes there is no coverage so alternatives can be useful.

Ensuring that the children are kept secure at all times is paramount. LRS systems can easily help with all forms of communications that not only protect children and offer increased security, but also improve efficiency in the nursery.

Solutions for Children's Nurseries

nursery staff paging

Nursery Staff Paging

Our nursery pagers offers parents peace-of mind .


sms messaging to nursery staff

SMS Text Parents

SMS Text message parents or staff on or off the site.


nursery security call button

Security for Nurseries

Silently notify staff when there are problems with security.


nursery parent call pager

Parent Recall

Our low cost CS6 parent recall pager is incredible value for recalling parents.


parent recall management nurseries

Manage Parents

Guest Sessions is used to visually see how long parents have been waiting.


parent nursery question-contact


It's simple to contact us.telephone-nursery-equipment