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Stay safe with our anti-microbial antibacterial protected products

Restaurant coaster call pager systems

NOTE: Our products have optionally an anti-microbial (antibacterial) coating that kills viruses on contact. Watch this important video about our anti-microbial coating and see how we apply it to pagers and transmitters.


Download our document about anti-microbial protection.

LRS takes customer health and staff safety very seriously. Some years ago LRS developed the 'Safe Touch' pager that was anti-microbial to protect users from microbes and viruses being transmitted through touch. We were the first to do that! The Safe Touch is no longer in production but  today we have an anti-microbial & antibacterial answer still. LRS equipment has a protective layer of anti-microbial materials - you can't see it, and it lasts a very long time, but it's there to protect you and customers from danger. If you purchased equipment that is not new then contact us for further information as this is an optional addition for your paging system.

We have the ability to treat older equipment (all components including pagers, transmitters, chargers, clips and other components with anti-microbial treatments that last a long time and the coating is at least twice as hard as granite!  Contact LRS

You will find however, that there are a number of competitors that claim their products are antimicrobial or antibacterial, but when you ask the sellers for the important documentation they fail to supply it. How do we know? Because we have called and asked them! And as far as most Chinese paging products on eBay, Amazon and other online sites that as well as zero protection from microbes, that those systems are typically extremely low power and generally illegal because of falsified CE standards.

But we can coat most products even from competitors - ask us for a quotation and it takes just one day for us to protect the units with our coatings - and good for the life of the pager.

Stay safe and buy LRS!


  • Optional anti-microbial antibacterial coatings for all LRS equipment
  • Guaranteed to kill microbes and viruses
  • The perfect aid for social distancing in restaurants, pubs, bars, healthcare... you name it!
  • Keep customers safe
  • Keep staff safe
  • Downloadable documentation
  • Low cost answer to stopping microbes
  • LRS a trusted company since 1993
  • Full UK support
  • Can be applied to older products - just ask
  • Can be applied to competitors products - just ask

Compatible Products : All LRS UK products that you find on this website. If you are using older products then contact us directly to ensure you are helping stop microbes and viruses for good! Contact LRS UK