Drop Box For Coaster Call Return



Drop Box for Coaster Call for Return of Pagers

oak drop box for coaster call pagers

This drop box gives customers a simple place to 'drop off' their coaster.

Don't worry that they 'drop' the pager in to the unit - it's designed to handle this aspect, every single day.

This unit is made from solid oak and will last for years! Works for ALL LRS coaster pagers and Adverteasers


  • Aesthetic design for pager coaster call and other pagers return
  • Simple to use


  • Solid oak construction
  • Fitted with a heavy duty lock
  • The front of the box is engraved with "If you are leaving, please deposit pager here"
  • Mounting hardware included - mounts to the wall with two screws
  • Size: W29.85cm x H35.56cm x D12.7cm.

Compatible Products include:

drop-box-coaster-call-pagers oak

Coaster Call Pager

The oak drop box is a perfect companion where customers or guests can easily return their coasters after use.

oak-drop box lrs


Adverteaser Paddle Pager

The oak drop box also works with our alternative unit to the coaster call, our adverteaser.

drop-box- adverteaser info



It's simple to contact us.telephone-oak-return-box