Warranty Terms and Conditions 3 years warranty as standard!

LRS UK Warranty & Options Paging Equipment

It is true to say that LRS products are some of the most robust units in the paging industry available today. In fact our warranty manufacturing defect failure rate is 0.3% here in the United Kingdom. That equates to near enough three or four unit failures in 1000 pieces. It confirms what we have always known - LRS products are designed to be robust in some of the harshest environments in the world.

And the above record is one of the key reasons why LRS UK offers a standard warranty of 3 years against manufacturing defects.

Clearly, if you abuse a product (maybe dropping it in water, or driving over it with a truck, fitting cheap batteries and many other examples) then the product will not be covered under any warranty from anyone. But for all manufacturing defects where a customer agrees to our terms and conditions then you automatically get a 3 year warranty for all manufacturing defects. Other companies won't match this.

You will find that other companies will try and rubbish our warranty simply because they have no other answer when competing with this level of warranty offered, but bear in mind that they are very reluctant to offer even our standard warranty of three years for manufacturing defects.

Please note that our terms and conditions of trading form part of the warranty terms.

Our return policy is clearly stated in our terms of trading.

* This offer is not available to corporate accounts as we enter in to different agreements that are exclusive to their exacting requirements.

* Terms Apply