The Authorised Dealer Channel

For Customers

Long Range Systems UK Ltd is developing a complete UK authorised dealer network to help customers with both sales and service locally to their business. The authorised dealer is not just any dealer, they are vetted by LRS UK, but more importantly, they are trained right here in the United Kingdom by factory trained engineers so customers can get a really great level of support as good as that offered by Long Range Systems UK Ltd directly.

For Dealers

It's important to Long Range Systems UK Ltd that we have dealers that are professionally trained, that care about their customers and can offer a truly great service, while being able to supply customers at the same price that LRS UK can sell equipment for.


We have developed an authorised dealer channel that ensures that the LRS values are seamlessly given to customers from dealers selling our products and services. The great news is that it's free to become an authorised dealer but it does entail a dealer coming to the LRS UK premises and participating in our training schedule. Normally this takes just one day, and after that the dealer becomes authorised.

If you would like more information about our authorised dealer network and would like to become authorised then please do fill out our online form or call 01782 537000

Thank you for your interest and you can find out more about Long Range Systems UK Ltd here.