EasyCare Budgeted Simple Maintenance of LRS Pagers



The Best Way to Maintain Your Guest Paging System

Instead of one large annual payment for extended warranty fees and replacement of missing pagers. Easy-Care allows restaurant managers to spread out the cost with budgeted simple monthly, quarterly or annual payments. When you enroll in Easy Care you will specify how many pagers your wish to have automatically shipped to you each month. Upon enrollment in Easy Care, LRS will also extend the warranty on your pagers and keypads for the length of your enrollment - there's no limit on how long you may be enrolled.

Easy-Care Is:

  • A great budgeting tool for managers and financial officers (no hidden fees)
  • A great method of keeping your entire guest paging system up to par.

Easy Care Is Not:

  • An insurance plan for lost pagers.
  • A replacement for good management techniques.

Easy-Care Repair/Replacement Policy

  • If a critical item fails, such as keypad, a new one is immediately sent to you and you return the defective unit.
  • Pagers must be returned prior to replacement and will be returned to you via UPS Ground service.


  • Items such as antennas and power supplies are not covered.
  • Obvious destruction or water damage is not covered.

Advantages of using Easy-Care include:

  • Fixed monthly costs instead of one large payment. You know exactly how much your paging system is costing you each month.
  • Peace of mind because you are always covered.
  • Immediate replacement of critical items such as keypad controllers.
  • Replacement pagers sent each month without your having to remember to order more.
  • Upgrade offers and new equipment savings.

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