LRS Coaster Call Pager CS6 and CS7



Coaster call pagers that increase efficiency and profitability

Restaurant coaster call pager systems

NOTE: Our CS Series coaster pagers have optionally anti-microbial coating that kills viruses on contact. See anti-microbial information.

LRS started the coaster pager revolution in 1993. We invented the first coaster pager. This unique device has special charging methods only found on the Coaster Call.  It's the most robust customer or guest pager in the world today. Increases throughput. Notify people faster when you need to. Minimize crowds in waiting areas. Eliminate overhead paging. Free guests from being tied to the waiting area. Control Queue's once and for all.

If you need to manage the flow of customers or guests then the coaster call can help you achieve that. With the ability to create an invisible queue there is much less chance of walkaways. And walkaways come right off your bottom line profits.

The new CS6 and CS7 series of guest pager systems know when a message is received from a transmitter. The whole system is interactive and is the ONLY intelligent guest or customer paging system with these features in the world today - only available from Long Range Systems.


Anything else is just yesterday.

The CS series of pagers older CS4 all work with the new Guest Sessions free application.

With LRS new digital patented technology you can be sure that when you're using the coaster pagers from LRS that these systems will never let you down and increase efficiency, productivity but most of all increase the quality of your customers experience within your establishment.


  • Compatible with our older guest pager CS4 and charger
  • Increases throughput
  • Notify people faster
  • Minimize crowds in waiting areas
  • Eliminate overhead paging
  • Free guests from being tied to the waiting area
  • Creates and manages an invisible queue
  • Intelligent tracking
  • Digital technology


  • UHF frequency FM (420 – 470 MHz) penetrates walls, ceiling, and floors more effectively and completely legal in the UK
  • Shock-absorbing bumper minimizes damage when pagers are dropped
  • The system Intelligently monitors if the message was received by the pager for TOTAL piece of mind
  • On site reprogram ability – optional programming charger needed
  • “Heartbeat” charge light
  • Any-orientation stack-charging system, means pagers can be stacked in any direction
  • Rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery
  • Vibration, flash, beep, and glow alert modes
  • Available in Red, Green, Blue, White and Multicolour (CS6 red only)
  • Front and top view coaster numbers
  • 4 charging pins ensure the best charge
  • Battery life is approximately 48 hours on a single charge
  • Dimensions: 4″ x 4″ x .75″
  • Tracking mode – continuously re-pages until coaster is returned (CS7 only)


Compatible Products include:


Freedom Transmitter

The most powerful transmitter we have and it works with all of LRS pagers.

customer-coaster-call-pager transmitter


Low Cost Transmitter

Suitable for the CS series coaster call CS6 or CS7 with medium range.




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