Casino Paging That Creates Profitability & Increased Service



Casino Management Tools Offer Perfect Communications

Serve your guests faster and earn increased profitability with LRS Paging Systems and other communications devices like two way radio use.

It can be very competitive in the casino business, customer service is what makes you stand out from competitors with great staff efficiency. Poor or slow service often leads customers to leave early and maybe switch to your competitor. And they may well never come back.

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LRS offers a complete line of communications solutions that creates better and enhanced customer service, increasing your profitability in a very dramatic way.

No matter what communications issues you might have LRS UK can help resolve them.

Used for when customers are waiting. LRS customer pagers allow customers to be gaming instead of waiting in line. This alone is a clear example of how easily guest pagers build business.

Solutions for Casino's

Butler-xp-for casino-use

Push For Service Buttons

Push for Service buttons allow the customer a way of contacting staff. Great for dead wood alert, food and drink areas and even staff to staff communications.

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casino staff to staff paging

Staff Paging Systems

Keep those servers on the floor for better table turns and faster service. When the food is ready call guests back with our kitchen to waiter paging systems.


casino wireless long range radios

Two Way Radio Equipment

Motorola, Opus, Kenwood, iCOM and Vertex and other brands are commonly supplied by us in the UK. We now supply digital radios also.


casino cs7 customer recall pager

Guest Recall CS7 Pager

Recall customers easily and ensure that they get great service.


casino cs6 coaster call pager customers

CS6 Guest Recall Pager

Similar to the CS7 but with one way messaging only... great price and very robust.


casino guest sessions application

Guest Sessions Software

A visual display about how long customers are waiting and collects data. Data can offer Key metrics for analysis.



Nursery Paging

When you need to talk with parents use the nursery paging system to easily call them back. Parents know you can contact them in emergency.




We have some great professionals who are easy to work with and offer a great free customer advice section.

It's easy to contact us.telephone-casino

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