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Signal Booster Repeater & Serial Transmitter for epos from LRS

repeater and transmitter for epos

Some while ago LRS integrated the signal boost repeater and serial transmitter (used for epos integration) in to one unit. The new device saves having to buy two units for example if you wanted paging from your epos and a combination of long range communications.

On-site paging systems can only have a certain amount of power as defined by OFCOM here in the United Kingdom. That maximum is currently 2 watts, which in real terms usually can transmit for up to two miles in open air. But of course, when equipment is used indoors that range can  dramatically reduce. So even the best equipment could need a signal boost repeater depending on your site and selected equipment.

The LRS repeater works with all of our pagers and has a two watt output. But the good news is that you can have as many of these devices as you want to get coverage over almost any large site. How large? Check the picture below:

warehouse size

This was a very large site that used LRS equipment for driver paging and recall. We used just two signal boosters for that site! And the LRS signal boost repeater does not even have to be programmed - its all automatic once you plug it in.. a child could do it. Also available now is our 'smart repeater add on' that eliminates bouncing messages so no matter what configuration we know that we have you covered.


Older video of the signal booster feature.

But the unit can also now integrate with any epos system out there, and the good news is that we can provide you for free all of the info you need to integrate. But it's not just limited to epos solutions! We have successfully integrated in to whole production lines for staff notifications by pager. Or maybe integration to machinery where you receive a message when there's a problem. The uses are in fact endless. 


  • Stand alone use
  • No configuring simply plug and play
  • Optional 'smart' booster
  • Integrates with transmitter for epos and other integrations



  • Works with all LRS pagers
  • Can use many on any given site
  • Low cost solution

Compatible Equipment includes: The unit is compatible with ALL LRS PAGING SYSTEMS

t7470232 pager transmitter

T7470232 Integrated

This unit is also known as the T7470232 since integration between the signal booster and the TX7470 serial device.


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