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All LRS Transmitters for All Sectors Available:

high power multifunction transmitter

T7470 freedom Multifunction

The T7470 Freedom transmitter from LRS can page all of our pagers we manufacture. This is a high power  transmitter that can also send SMS messages customers or staff.

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kitchen to waiter transmitter all

Kitchen to Waiter Transmitter

Our biggest selling medium power transmitter (low cost license required (£15.00 per year) usually used in restaurants and can transmit ONE TOUCH and up to 999 pagers..

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guest staff patient transmitter

Guest or Staff Transmitter

A medium power transmitter (low cost license required (£15.00 per year) for the UK and can transmit any of 4 messages to up to 999 pagers. Again unlimited features.

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t7470232 and repeater transmitter

Repeater or Transmitter

The Signal Boost Repeater can retransmit signals from nearly all LRS transmitters and its maximum UK output as limited by OFCOM. Now includes the T7470232 serial transmitter is controlled through a serial port and can transmit to every pager Long Range Systems manufactures.

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