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Increased Profitability for Optician-Handover

LRS UK has worked with the leading opticians in the UK to develop what many call the finest handover paging system for opticians in the world today. Our solutions address many areas that can adversely affect efficiency and profitability. We're proud to say that our opticians handover solutions solve those issues and increase profitability dramatically. So much so in fact that the ROI on our handover systems is literally less than a couple of weeks.

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Our designs are completely unique because we are the manufacturer. Features like these make our solutions the best:

Optometrist's in the test room simply press a button and page staff with any of the six button messages - below are some real life examples of what we typically use:

1. Dispense.
2. Fields.
3. Pre-Test.
4. Contact Lenses.
5. Panic.
6. Your Choice

In fact you can choose to have any messages of your choice for your practice to suit the way that you operate. You can have just a one button test room transmitter purely for handovers. The handover pager system will also maximize the optometrist’s time.

For further information about opticians pagers check OptiCall which shows much more information than on this page.

Compatible Opticians Paging

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Alpha Pager for Pronto

Staff manager pager specifically for the pronto and OptiCall systems.

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Opticall unit for opticians find out more

OptiCall for Opticians

OptiCall is specifically developed for opticians, find out more here.

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