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Meet the leader in communications equipment ...

Whether you are looking for paging equipment, two way radios, table tracking, data collection with key metrics or anything else relating to communications we can generally help.

Did you know ...

Our company has divisions for business mobile phones, for IT and infrastructure, for engineering and support or other sectors of business.

Remember, we're far from 'just a paging company' in every respect of what we do and if you have any needs in those areas then we can help.

About our company...

Welcome to Long Range Systems UK Ltd based in the United Kingdom.

We have been in business since back in 1989 and in fact in 2019 we're celebrating  30 years in business. And we have never been in better financial condition. That result is because we look after our customers like no other paging company does. We're built from the ground up about quality and service and never let our customers down.

We really value our customers and as the Free Index website confirms( its not free!) our ratings are the highest of any company on there - as are the ratings on CYLEX UK's website.

But actually, ratings are one thing, and speaking to customers is another. We can offer some incredible customer references for the work we have completed right here in the UK with KPI's running at typically 100% we know how good our service really is.

No matter what you're looking for from our company's products we can advise, assist, and complete the perfect communications solution that is exactly suitable for your company at most levels of budget.

Lastly we offer a three year manufacturers warranty on LRS products against manufacturing defects. Our actual defect rate was recently checked and showed just 0.3% which we're extremely proud of achieving.

If you need more information from us then please do ask and we'll accommodate your requirements.

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