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About Long Range Systems UK Offices

Commitment to Quality & Support is Legendary

When LRS opened in 1993, they intended to lead the world in communications solutions and systems. And in 1995 the Coaster Call guest pager started that revolution. LRS (Long Range Systems) now provides more pagers worldwide than anyone else does. LRS now has more than 35 products that are designed to help restaurants (whether full service based or fast casual concepts) and other businesses make their business more effective, efficient and profitable.


LRS HQ is based in Dallas TX, USA and we are the UK office for supply and service to the United Kingdom. Indeed LRS has over 20 offices around the world so no matter where you are based LRS can help. We listen to what customers needs and demands are and then develop new and innovative products that directly address those needs. We use Lexan in many of our products which help LRS equipment be the most durable, robust, and highest quality products available. Our service and support is also of the highest quality too, and here in the UK we offer up to 10* years warranty on manufacturing defects. In fact longer than any other paging manufacturer worldwide.


As an innovator of technology LRS achievements are many, including:

  • The First Coaster Pager which is Patented (1995)
  • The First Stackable Charging System Patented (1995)
  • The First Anti Theft Solution for Pagers (1996)
  • The First Management and Electronic Comment Card Patented (1997)
  • The First Low Coast Seating System (1997)
  • The First Mobile Phone Paging System (1999)
  • The First RF Reprogrammable Server pager (2001)
  • The First Fast Casual Receiver Patented (2002)
  • The First Curbside to go Paging System (2002)
  • The First Blue Coaster Call Pager (2002)
  • The First Lobster Pager for Guests Patented (2003)
  • The First Trivia Game Pager Patented (2004)
  • The First Sombrero Shaped Pager Patented (2004)
  • The First Horseshoe Shaped Pager Patented (2004)
  • The First Cactus Shaped Pager Patented (2004)
  • The First Tyre Shaped Pager Patented (2004)
  • The First Pizza Shaped Pager Patented (2004)
  • The First Fish Shaped Pager Patented (2004)
  • The First Crab Shaped Pager Patented (2004)
  • The First Computer Networked based Transmitter with integrated guest paging, mobile phone paging, table and seating management, and wait list management (2004)
  • Automated Call Ahead Seating

We offer outstanding warranty to each and every UK customer with excellent service whether you are within or out of regular warranty cover.




We have the Best warranties in the World for our Customers.
A standard 3 year warranty with options to extend for up to ten years.
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