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Paging Solutions That Make The Pharmacy More Efficient

The pharmacy industry is extremely competitive with new pharmacies opening up everywhere. Government regulations and the ability to maximise efficiency is the difference between a sustainable pharmacy and one that is less effective where profits are concerned.

Asking customers if you can 'collect' their prescriptions from the doctor and preparing for them is one option that helps, but there are much easier things a pharmacy can do to become more efficient overall, leading to better customer satisfaction and higher profitability.

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We have a number of solutions which you might well find useful in your pharmacy or chemists dispensary, please check the options below.

Communication Products for Pharmacy

customer push buttons for pharmacy

Customer Push Button PFS

Customers can call for service at the push of a button with our PFS Call Buttons.

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SMS Text Paging Customers

Need customers back? Use our PC paging software to SMS or recall a customer pager.

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pharmacy wireless radios

 Two Way Radio Handsets

Handsets suitable for pharmacy staff use - every brand and accessory available all the time!

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cs7 customer recalling for pharmacy

CS7 Customer Recalling

Two way communications and multi colours mean that this customer pager really can do what others cannot.

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cs6 pager for pharmacies

CS6 Customer Recalling

CS6 pager is a low cost but high quality customer recall pager really suitable for any pharmacy when you need customers back.

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pharmacy customer waitlist manangement

Customer Wait Management

Don't let customers wait for hours! This pharmacy sessions software app handles waiting customers easily and visually.

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Customer Callback Pager

Similar to the CS6 the adverteaser allows you to advertise on the body, or offer instructions to customers. Easy recall.

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pharmacy text recall customers

Text Recall Customers

Custom messages that can be sent via SMS from this paging transmitter enhances your customer recall times. It works with all LRS pagers too!

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We are easy to work with and offer a great free customer advice section.

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