HTQ 8100 Licensed Long Range Two Way Radio



HTQ8100 Licensed Two Way Radio for Man Down Security

htq8100 wireless two way radio man down lone worker

These wireless walkie talkie HTQ radios are the new leading brand that offers a simple 'man down' solution for lone worker solution. The HTQ is a low cost device and has multiple features on the unit that make it the LRS UK choice of man down radio for our customers.

All accessories are also available from LRS UK.

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  •  IP66 ingress protection.
  • 2100mAh Li-Poly battery.
  • Super loud audio with 45mm speaker.
  • Firmware upgradeable.
  • Lone Worker and 'man down' alerts.
  • The 8000 is our most advanced analogue radio.
  • With a magnitude of advanced technical features and leading mechanical build quality.
  • A host of specialist safety features make the 8000 the radio of choice when staff safety and security is paramount.
  • Couple this with incredibly loud and punchy audio and you will see why this radio offers exceptional value for money.


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