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Increase Service Levels with a Butler XP PFS  Service Call Button

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In an emergency situation speed is critical. If someone gets injured or seriously hurt speed is king. And if your company does not have the solutions to operate emergency help and someone was to die? What then? Your company, and in particular your CEO or Directors would be liable and could face a prison sentence here in the UK. Fortunately LRS brings a great paging system to solve those issues - the Butler XP. This unit brings the service call buttons right up to date along with our custom call buttons and pronto six button device.

But in any Business environment this same solution (this unit can be used in multiple types of business applications) can be used to increase your customer experience dramatically. Customers in most businesses should not have to wander around looking for staff. Its the simplest way to lose customers. But often there is no alternative to walking around trying to find someone in many businesses. LRS has the Butler XP Paging System that can solve those problems and increase sales and profitability.


For either solution here's how it can work:

  • The Butler XP is programmed with a custom message by LRS
  • When someone presses the service button, a text message is sent out to either an individual, a group of people or everyone depending on the requirements
  • When the first person arrives where the unit is located, they 'swipe' their pager over the unit, which then sends out another message to tell other staff that the call has been handled.

As you can imagine in the right circumstance these units offer the best solution in the world. And the Butler XP is lower cost than you might expect.

The Butler XP is perfect for every kind of business. It’s 100% weatherproof and made of heavy-duty Lexan plastic so it can be used anywhere — indoors or outdoors. Customers can use it to contact staff members when they need help or service. Staff members can use it to contact each other when they need assistance whether emergency or otherwise.

Warehouses. Restaurants. Bowling centre's. Car Washes. Marinas. Even beaches and pools. The uses for the Butler XP are endless. It helps enhance customer satisfaction, improve service, boost staff efficiency, increase sales and lower operation costs


  • Increased response times for emergencies and saves lives
  • Reduces potential legal repercussions of company employees
  • Increased profitability for restaurants and other business
  • Reduces walk away through bad service
  • Makes customers feel like the company cares about service levels for customers



  • Waterproof and suitable for indoors or outdoors
  • Can operate with mains voltage with optional power supply and mounting brackets
  • Works with Alpha Text pagers
  • Operates at UK Legal frequency and is completely UK legal

In a restaurant environment the difference in profitability can be enormous. Below is a simple return on investment table:

butler xp return on investment diagram

Compatible Products include:

text-message-pager for butler xp

Text Messaging

The perfect 4 line messaging pager for use with the Butler II

xp alpha pager-information

xp mains converter

Mains Conversion Kit

Using the Butler XP mains conversion kit guarantees permanent use at all times.




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