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The Pronto push button has been developed from a requirement that customers had for a smart looking low cost push for service button. The Pronto push button can be used in mainly service industries, but we have also supplied other industries that could use the unit successfully. Changing rooms, conference rooms, restaurant tables, the list goes on.

Primarily when this unit is used you will see firstly a massive increase in customer service, generated by more efficient staff. It's no use having customers that need service, but you simply cannot see which ones need help. The pronto resolves all of those issues.

The fact is, that with increased service and efficiency, there is no doubt for any commercial entity that profitability will increase within the business. Happier customers mean that they will come back.

But there's more to this unit than a simple push button.  The Pronto comes in a one or six button version and has the ability to page one pager, a group or all pagers. The unit can beep when a button is pressed if you need the user to be aware that the button has been pressed. The pronto is a low powered device usually operating on two triple A batteries, but there is also an optional power supply. But if the batteries were to run low, the Pronto will page a designated pager to tell someone to change them out.

There's a repeat page facility and this can be set up so that when the repeat page is cancelled a message is sent out to pagers confirming that. The unit is suitable for literally hundreds of industries. Staff members can contact each other when they need assistance or customers may request assistance with the push of a button. This unit is used extensively in changing rooms, opticians, hotels and restaurants, health and safety and first aid and more.

Range on the Pronto can be increased with our extended range repeater which can extend the range up to 2 miles in open air.


  • Enhance customer service by providing immediate customer assistance
  • Eliminate noisy and often missed overhead paging
  • Improve staff productivity and efficiency
  • Easy to install and use
  • Increase throughput


  • One or six button device
  • Battery or mains
  • Elegant design suitable for most industries
  • Range extender available
  • Wall mountable if needed
  • Re-page feature sends messages until cleared down
  • UK Legal
  • Scalable, add as many units as you need


Compatible Products for the Pronto PFS System

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pronto call button info

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Pronto Power Supply

Special power supply for the pronto PFS call button.

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