Pager Charger 9 for SP4 and Adverteaser Pagers from LRS UK

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Linkable Pager Charger 9 for Service Pager and Adverteaser

charger9 for sp4 and paddle pager

Charger 9 is used for waiter pagers (also called SP4 or Service Pagers) and Adverteaser for guest paging. These chargers come as 5 unit bases and you can link them together up to 25 pagers by utilising 5 of these bases on one power supply. These units are used in restaurants everywhere.

The base plate shown in the above image is an optional extra for sstomers that want to wall mount the charging units. The link wires are also an optional extra that are very low cost but enhance the solution expenentially.


Video of the pager 9 charger


  • Can Link for many pagers to be charged
  • Snap together for added strength
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Eliminate overhead paging
  • Free guests from being tied to the waiting area
  • Creates invisible queue to reduce walkaways


  • Perspex base for fixing option
  • link wires to connect units together
  • maximum of 25 pagers per power supply.

Compatible Products Available for the Paddle Pager:

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Waiter Pager

Quality robust unit that is tried and tested for many sectors including restaurants.

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Paddle Pager Guest

Useful unit that allows for easy advertising on the body.

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