Coaster Call Holder & Charger for Returned Pagers



Allow Guests to Return Coaster Pagers

pager return metal charger holder

The Metal unit with a charging base integral to the design is for placing where customers or guests return coaster call pagers. This ensures that the pager is placed on charge as soon as the customer puts their pager back in to this metal unit.

The Metal pager holder is often placed in front of house where customers can easily return pagers after being called. It is designed so that guests can easily see that pagers should be returned to this unit.


  • Simple to Use
  • Extends operating time of coaster pagers
  • Customers love it


  • Powder coated design
  • Charging base integral to design


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Include messaging to the coaster call pager system and you have this unit. Can be used for patients and logistics.

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It's simple to contact us.telephone- metal charger return unit

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