Hospital Pager Systems for Patient Care



Patient QOS Improved Using Patient Paging Systems

Our on site paging for hospitals allows the hospital to carefully manage patient flow throughout the patients visit. Optimum patient flow is an integral part of creating effective patient care.

We have developed hospital pagers which typically are used in radiology, pharmacy, labs, x-ray, accident and emergency and other departments to control and call waiting patients. While waiting the patient is able to go to the cafeteria or stroll around the rest areas designated for patients.

hospital pagers

Paging and communication tools eliminate the need for overhead PA systems. Maintain patient confidentiality. Flat Screen Systems only display customer names and remove patient confidentiality in the hospital so become less desirable and with changing legislation may become illegal.

A wireless paging system for medical paging systems in any healthcare facility can be used with an alphanumeric pager or with a cell phone or mobile phone for text messaging and some of those solutions are available from us. But also nurse call buttons - a push button system can be used as bedside calling nurses, or even in wait rooms if patients need to speak with a nurse. Call for assistance is often needed in any hospital. Response times will be reduced and improve patient or customer service overall. If the medical facilities are being paid for by patients then they will demand a very fast and efficient service.

Other care solutions include a caregiver pager with communication systems that are competitively priced and offer a good solution when care givers need to be contacted. Healthcare also have things like a fitting room for many medical devices and good communications to the room are important to patients.

Patient and Family Solutions

Patient pagers are used for when patients are waiting for maybe an appointment to see a specialist or nurse. With LRS patient pagers you can allow patients to visit the cafe for example or stroll in the rest areas of the hospital. And its so easy to call your patient back when its time for the doctor to see them by simply pressing a button. Our solutions can cover large areas that many healthcare sites are. NOTE: Our coaster pagers and other carried pagers have anti-microbial coating that kills viruses on contact. Learn more

Suitable Products


Hospital PC Paging

Netpage Unlimited gives you the power to contact staff or patients immediately and has a wonderful wait list built right in. Netpage supports all LRS pagers.



Room Call Button Paging

Use this push for service call button when patients need to contact nursing staff. Multiple other uses including safety or eve messaging from outdoors.


healthcare paddle patient pager

Patient Adverteaser Pager

Our adverteaser pager is similar to our coaster call device, but some users prefer this because of the simplicity of adding notes for instructions.



Patient Recall Pager

The leading solution that makes everything so easy in healthcare or hospitals and pharmacies - call patient back at the press of a button.



Wait Time Management

Guest Sessions is able to manage waiting times visually on screen. See exactly how long customers have been waiting and download important key metrics.




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