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High Quality IT Maintenance and Support

While LRS UK is firmly entrenched in sales and support of paging systems and other Long Range Systems equipment, we also have divisions for IT managed support services and business mobile phone solutions.


nsl network systems at lrs

Network Systems has been trading for over 29 years within the networking and IT support industry and has since become one of the leading companies for IT support in Staffordshire and throughout the UK. NSL has developed a number of partnerships with companies originating from the USA, Taiwan and other countries. These partnerships include Ioline, Advanced Systems Peru and others. All of these companies have worked with us on carrying their branding forward in the UK and Europe.

The company continues to grow on its successes and achievements to date - but rest assured that the future for NSL is firmly founded in leading the technology channel; not following, as many other companies often do. To speak to a leading IT support and IT maintenance company, please call us on 01782 544700 and our qualified staff will assist you further.


mscable at lrs

Cloud computing is going to revolutionise your business in the same way that the internet did all those years ago.

But what exactly is cloud computing?

Simply put, cloud computing is like having your business network server placed somewhere else, but with other added advantages such as:

  • Online applications available 24x7
  • Easily shared data throughout the company with other employees
  • Communications with other employees easily and in various ways
  • Extensively reduced costs against older onsite solutions
  • Ability to easily adjust staffing requirements and reduce costs
  • Reduced costs for support staffing of computer equipment
  • Reduced costs for IT due to lower powered PCs being compatible with cloud computing
  • Public AND Private cloud sectors of your business
  • Ability to share data between enterprises.
  • Private and Public Cloud facilities

So is Business cloud computing catching on?

Currently there is a drive in IT going on with all forms of cloud computing, and it is reminiscent of internet integration in to companies in the early 90s. Ask yourself how would your company be working today without internet and email?

That's where comes in: For further information visit or call 01782 544700


phonesavers at lrs

Mobile phones, data services, internet services and hosting, email and landlines are all some of the most important communication tools in business today.

If you have trouble with any of those services then your business will undoubtedly suffer as a result. You could be paying significantly more than you need to when you could actually be saving money.

That’s where Phonesavers comes in.

Phonesavers services

More important than anything else, we take care of our business customers - they depend on it. Right from the first time we speak with you, we allocate a Phonesavers specialist to you who will be able to deal efficiently with your business mobile solutions.

Mobile and landline bill analysis

Phonesavers really can save you a fortune where your mobile phone or landline bill is concerned. Check out the mobile bill analysis section from the menu on the left to find out exactly how we can save your business money.

Blackberry support

We support ALL Blackberry solutions with expert engineers and skilled Blackberry trained staff on hand to help at any time. If you are looking for Blackberry phones and servers, possibly with integration into Microsoft Exchange servers or Windows SBS servers, we can help.

Phonesavers mobile contracts

As well as supplying you with a business deal on mobile phones, we can also help where things have gone wrong with other dealers - we can even act as an expert witness on your behalf if you need help.

Phonesavers wireless dongles

We supply all types of mobile internet dongles on many different tariffs so it's likely that we have the solution for you. Our specialists will review your requirements and advise accordingly for the 'best fit' for your business.

Business landlines

Phonesavers may well be able to save your business money on your current phone lines package.

Need more info? Visit or call 01782 537000 and chose phone savers from the menu.

Please note that all of the above specialist solutions for business are operated independently and have their own specialists within those sub divisions of the company.