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NOTE: Our equipment has an optional anti-microbial coating that kills viruses on contact. Learn more or watch the video on the left now. We are fully operational throughout these times and are available for consultation and sales & support of all of LRS products - we can help you to create a way where even when   any customer and social distancing is involved can improve customer numbers at your premises! Contact us now.

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Table Tracker for Restaurants

Table Tracker is the perfect solution for getting food delivered fast and while still piping hot. The system shows staff exactly where customers are seated. But there is much nore to Table Tracker than just customer location.

Through the reporting features it is possible to derive key metrics for your busines that are not available any other way. Using the collected data in this way offers insights to your operations so that you are able to plan and forcast equipment and staffing needs based on facts and not just anecdotal guestimates.

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table tracker location system

Hospitality: Serve guests faster, increase table turns and reduce walkaways with our restaurant pagers and paging solutions

Health and Safety:
Ensure that when there is an accident that staff are attended to fast with our emergency call buttons and call points - all industry

Our on-site patient call paging systems enable hospitals, medical centre's and doctors offices to confidentially locate waiting patients easily.

Staff Communications:
notify staff in most situations that they are needed anywhere in your facility with our alphanumeric text pager or via SMS to their cell-phone

Use our table tracker location system to locate where customers are seated, or our customer/guest pagers to recall them when needed

We specialise in long range wireless two way radios for the security sector, but also for all other business needs including ATEX


We decided to help other companies in the restaurant business and have held this deal throughout 2020. You pay just £399.00 plus vat & shipping for a 10 pager system!

If you want to improve customer service exponentially then you need to go and get this complete system right now while its available on special offer. Full warranty, the system includes 10 CS6 Pagers, our 9560MT transmitter, a charger, all power supplies - what are you waiting for?

Check our online shop for a very special deal still running for guest pagers not available from any other company and with a warranty second to none. Products always in stock and if you have higher quantities we have better pricing, simply call us and we can help.

For more information on our range of Paging Devices, Two Way Radios (including ATEX) please don’t hesitate to contact us at LRS UK.


LRS UK supplies restaurant-hospitality, opticians, fast food outlets, hospitals, healthcare and other industries with custom communication solutions. Visit our other site at LRS in Dallas TX, is the worlds leading brand in paging technology.


LRS UK recently supplied one of the largest MOTOROLA XT460 two way radio orders in the United Kingdom. The order was for more than 1700 wireless XT460 radios. It takes great support, excellent service and price to achieve an order like this. Call LRS UK if you want any radio quantity orders and we can help.

Featured Solution

Table Tracker - simply the most accurate way of obtaining key metrics in restaurants

Table Tracker location system makes it easy to locate customers for fast efficient service. Superb reporting that can identify problem areas in the kitchen or food flow. Latest most accurate technology from LRS for restaurants - enhance communications to improve service, banish cold food losses; analyse your key metrics to show weak or poorly operating areas of the business. Find customers or guests instantly and deliver food in perfect condition.

table tracker information

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The New Revolution - and Anti-microbial options!

LRS is unique in supplying the latest and most advanced paging systems and pagers for sale. The integration of regular Pager Systems with SMS Text or automated Voice ability rolled in to one great solution. The LRS CS6 and CS7 series of guest pager systems that knows when a message is received from a transmitter. Our anti-microbial coatings last the life of the unit and will kill microbes, viruses and other bugs dead on contact.

These systems are IN STOCK and ready to ship.

The whole system is interactive and is the ONLY intelligent guest or customer paging system with these features in the world today and only available from Long Range Systems. Anything else is just yesterday's technology.  cs series pagers from lrs

coaster call pagers



  NEW: Keeping Customers & Staff Safe With LRS Connect & SMS UK

Visit or for more in depth information on these great new solutions.

Now its easy to connect with your guests, staff or operations attributed data - here's how:

Easy Messaging (Complete Communication) Engagement Unlimited in Every Way Insights and goals

Simple Communication

Leaving Guests or Staff waiting for answers is not a good idea. Send SMS text ad LRS pager messaging with just the tap of a button.  LRS Connect will ensure that your operations run smoothly.

Multichannel Engagement

Engage guests, customers and staff in the most convenient way. LRS Connect supports SMS text, pagers, QR codes, personal mobile devices, call buttons. LRS Connect is the premiere on-site communications platform. 

Set & Meet Performance Goals

Use the LRS Connect operations screen performance dashboard. Understand interactions between guests & staff. Review traffic on-premise with reporting including CSV exported data.

cs series pagers from lrs  or you might want to visit our new website here:

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