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Since 1993 LRS has been making innovative cutting edge paging systems for industry, hospitality, healthcare and safety. LRS invented the Coaster Call and was the first to supply customer and guest paging. The patents LRS hold reflect many unique features of our products that are simply not available on any competitive systems including our any way stacking, two way communications coaster pager designs and mobile phone sms messaging. The mobile solution offers a way to page guests with a pre recorded text message right to their mobile phone. This type of solution can only add to efficiency but with reduced costs to the paging system operator who typically otherwise has to keep making messages which is time consuming.

Our biggest success is with our guest (or customer) paging system that can page guests who have been waiting for a service, or other notification and the great news is that we have a brand new digital CS7 multicolour or red, green or blue pager for guests or customers. As well as that, the pager can now communicate two ways so unlike other solutions both the transmitter and the CS7 pager both 'know' when a message is sent and received by the system. No other system out there can do this.

But the best features of our solutions is that efficiency increases in the business, there's greater customer satisfaction with the service and last but not least is the business bottom line profits increase because of that increased efficiency savings.

Our Business staff communications are legendary. The PC paging solution Netpage Unlimited (NU) and our room to room push for service (also known as a pushbutton system that can be used for emergency paging) offer immediate results. NU allows staff to SMS text from any PC directly to an alpha pager or via SMS text to their mobile phone if the staff member is off site. Our Butler XP allows room to room communications as simply as pressing a single button.

Our paging systems consist of a number of major components:

  • A transmitter
  • A quantity of pagers
  • The charger and (if necessary) power supply

Our Paging Systems comprise of five basic pager styles, some of which are rechargeable and some which are simply battery driven. NOTE: Our coaster pagers and other carried pagers have anti-microbial coating that kills viruses on contact. Learn more

Transmitters are extensive and are generally supplied as standards for different sectors. Examining the pagers shows which transmitters can be used with each pager type so simply clicking on a specific product below shows what else you will need. If you have any difficulty just call us and one of our trained experts will build the exact solution that you need completely free of charge.

All LRS Pagers Available:  Transmitters are shown on individual pages for compatibility reasons

staff paging systems

TEXT Paging System Staff

Used wherever a text message is needed on-site - staff or management with 4 lines of text.

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waiter or service pager system

Strong Staff Paging System

Our biggest selling unit for anyone who needs messaging but not specific text. Great in restaurants.

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coaster call paging system

Customer Call Pager System

New unique technology; these coaster call units are made for calling back guests, patients or others.

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messaging paging system

Guest Paging System Text

When you need a larger coaster style unit to call back a customer or driver, this one includes text messaging - powerful!

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guest paging system

Paddle Paging System Guest

An old favourite for customer guest or patient call. This unit can accept advertising that is changeable on the body without special tools.

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sms guest messaging system

Fast SMS Texting System

Our SMS transmitter solution is capable of  sending preset messages without spending time composing messages. Great for recalling guests or patients who are off-site.

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