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Technology - Provide a better service with the right technology

posted on: November 20th, 2012

In a customer-facing environment your sole focus should be on providing the best service possible, particularly when it comes to the hospitality industry. Your reputation and even your entire business could be on the line if you fail to live up to expectations, and whilst good old-fashioned friendliness will go a long way you’ll probably want to take advantage of other better tools at your disposal too—the right kind of technology can be used to great effect, transforming your prospects and ensuring you’re able to provide an exceptional standard of service at every step of the way.

Putting technology to good use

There are several areas where technology can perform, but one of the most important is in relation to data security. IT threats are only ever on the rise and that means customer details could easily fall into the wrong hands unless appropriate security measures are implemented, and that’s why having highly-secure IT systems should be at the top of the agenda. This needs to apply at every stage of the process from booking hotel rooms or tables through to credit card transactions and even the use of hotel WIFI, with robust procedures needing to be implemented to ensure maximum data security at all times.

But, it doesn’t stop there either. You want to think about utilising technology on a more personal level too, giving customers a great face-to-face experience as well as ensuring their details are properly protected from external threats, with things like mobile POS systems being perfect. People are glued to their smartphones these days so utilising mobile technology for ordering applications can be ideal, improving speed, service and accuracy whilst often leading to higher bill amounts too, and self-service check-in kiosks are another great option. There’ll be reduced waiting times and you could even offer guests the chance to make dinner reservations or room upgrades there and then, and going on from that is the option of personalisation where intuitive management systems look at guest profiles to offer a bespoke stay and a truly exceptional level of service.