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Restaurant Paging & Making the Most of Your Waiter Paging System

posted on: February 25th, 2017

In any successful restaurant business, few elements are more important than the staff.

And waiters, for example, do far more than merely put plates on the table. They meet and greet guests, set tables and sort out payments. Often the main interface with an eatery's customers, they have quite a few responsibilities.

But, during an establishment's busiest times, it can be a challenge for even the most seasoned waiter to keep on top of all these activities. Perhaps more than in other businesses, co-ordination and organisation are essential. Making the most of communications is essential. And that's where a waiter paging system really comes into its own.

With these pager systems, kitchen staff no longer have to call out to waiting staff to serve meals. Nor do they have to constantly search the kitchen area in case there are dishes that need to be served. Just with the press of a button, waiters and waitresses can receive an alert as to what's happening in the kitchen or cashier's booth.

Put simply, waiter pagers mean that cashier staff, serving staff and kitchen employees can all communicate with each other. This is clearly particularly important at the busiest times of day, when lots of things can all happen at the same time, especially in venues where there are large volumes of diners every day.

The great advantage of waiter pagers is that they can spend more time attending to the needs of your guests in the dining area and only be in the kitchen when they need to pick up dishes.

And because some systems have the capacity to receive several paged messages, waiters can quickly respond to customer queries and requests.

Your dining area will run like a well-oiled machine, with streamlined operations. You may even find you need fewer members of staff.

Equally, visitors to your eatery will be presented with a more professional, smoother image.

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