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Restaurant Paging: Choosing the Best Restaurant Paging System

posted on: February 12th, 2017

Restaurant pagers are used to let diners know when a table is available for them, without them having to wait around in a fixed spot. They're especially useful in establishments where there is regularly a heavy flow of customers.

And, in a competitive sector where it's all too easy for people to decide to look for somewhere else to eat if they're not completely happy, these paging systems can make all the difference to a business. A wireless pager service is used, and it generally comes with a flashing or vibrating device.

If you're looking into acquiring a restaurant paging system for your eatery, there are several factors to take into account.

You will need to consider the following and choosing what's important to you:

Battery life
Technical support available

How Pagers Work for Restaurants

Most paging systems for restaurants include individually numbered pagers which front of house staff can make flash or buzz when a table becomes ready.

They can be used to encourage customers to have a drink in the restaurant's bar area, which may for example, be on another floor, rather than leaving the premises.


This one of the most important aspects of any restaurant paging system. Clearly it refers to how far each pager unit can be taken while still getting a signal.

Unusually for paging systems, you may wish to steer clear of overly long ranges, so that you don't give customers the chance to walk out of your restaurant and spend money in a competitor's bar! In some cases staff may choose to imply that the range does not extend beyond the restaurant itself.
How many pagers can the system support?

Another key factor in your decision is how many units you want your system to have. This can be a bit of a balancing act – you don't want to buy more pagers than your eatery is ever likely to need, but equally there is no point having a system supporting too few units. This can be a false economy as the business expands as you could end up needing to upgrade the whole system.

Battery Life

Make sure the battery will at least give you enough power for a full working day. Ask how many power outlets are required to charge up all the units in your set.

And check the warranty on the product and find out what technical support is available, especially at evenings and weekends, when your restaurant is likely to be at its busiest and when you'll probably most need your system.

Finally, a pager system doesn't have to be limited to restaurants. It's useful anywhere customers or staff need to be alerted cheaply, reliably and easily.

Paging Systems for Restaurants from LRS Pagers

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