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Restaurant Paging - Advantages of Having Mobile Phone Paging Systems in Restaurants

posted on: January 12th, 2017

Advantages of Having Mobile Phone Paging Systems in Restaurants

The widespread adoption of paging systems back in the late 1980s and early 1990s helped to revolutionise the way restaurants managed their waiting lists. Indeed, the development of devices like paging coasters, which vibrate, blink and beep when a table is ready, completely changed the business.

Today, mobile phone paging solutions are doing much the same thing as they are able to notify waiting diners that their table is ready by sending SMS messages directly to their mobile phones.

By building upon the established success of traditional restaurant paging solutions, and taking into account there are now more mobile phones in the UK than there are people; it is no surprise that restaurant mobile phone paging solutions are becoming increasingly popular with restaurant managers and diners alike.

And for good reason, too.

As well helping to reduce the overall costs associated with traditional paging solutions, restaurant SMS paging systems are able to provide a great many benefits. Below are some of the main ones:

Efficiency & Service
Like traditional paging coasters, restaurant mobile phone paging solutions can help restaurants to reduce their waiting times significantly and turn tables far more efficiently. Unlike paging coasters however, mobile phone paging solutions enable diners to freely move about at a much greater range, therefore customers are likely to feel more at ease (and hopefully more content) with the service they are receiving.

Unlike paging coasters, there are no replacement costs with SMS solutions as customers already own them i.e. their mobile phone. Indeed, the fact there are now more than 76 million mobile phones in the UK means that restaurant owners need never worry about replacing a paging coaster ever again.

It is estimated that the up front costs of mobile phone paging solutions are around 90% cheaper than their traditional counterparts. Indeed, the total annualised savings over a comparable traditional restaurant paging solution is estimated to be around £2,200 (year one).

Most high quality mobile phone paging solutions do not require any software or specialised equipment. In addition, many SMS pager systems typically come complete with automated wait lists or reservation management systems included.

Without doubt, it is clear to see that these innovative paging solutions are more than capable of providing restaurant owners (and diners) with a number of distinct advantages.

So, what does a restaurant manager or owner need to take advantage of such a system? Well, the truth is; the only thing needed is access to the internet via a web enabled POS, mini laptop, iPad or iTouch to connect to the web hosted application.

It really is as easy as that!

If you own or manage a restaurant and are keen to take advantage of mobile phone paging systems then look no further than us here at Long Range Systems UK. To find out more and view our comprehensive range of SMS systems in greater detail, simply take a few moments to explore our pages further.