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Table Tracker Table-Locator System for Fast Casual Restaurants

Know where the customers are seated, know how long food takes to be delivered and get reporting on all aspects of the customer experience

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Table Tracker High Efficiency Location System in Restaurants

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Information is key when it comes down to understanding exactly how your fast casual concept restaurant is operating.

And customer experience can pave the way to increased efficiency productivity and ultimately profitability. Table-Tracker from LRS gives you the tools to make your fast casual restaurant improve beyond belief.

A new product - Table Tracker Basic - self install - that is low cost is available, check here: TT-Basic and our PRO solution is shown below.

We have a dedicated website: that you might like to visit for more information.

The Table Tracker allows you to track an order right from its first placement in the restaurant, to know how long it takes your organisation to prepare that order, to track the order right through where the runner collects the food, through delivery to exactly the right table without confusion and lastly even how long the runner took to return.

You are able to determine which orders take longer than a time 'set by you' and the table tracker can even escalate the issue to the manager if needed.

Finally its possible to collate reports with all of that important data that allows you to make real management decisions based on the real position within your company.


Example of kitchen display

Table Tracker is an LRS patented design which leads the world with this type of technology and is available nowhere else. If you can deliver food faster to the table there is less wasted food, better service to customers and increased profitability.

Table Tracker locator uses the latest technology called RFID. We apply special strips under the table so that once a customer chooses a table and places the table tracker on that table, the system knows exactly where the customer is seated and updates the system accordingly.

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Even when the Table Tracker is handed out to a customer the system knows when that occurred and the system is updated.

The order number is updated to show exactly which table the customer has chosen. Even if the customer decided to change tables, the system will know and automatically update to the new table number. 

Its impossible to remove an order from the system unless the Table Tracker unit is returned to the kitchen and rescanned in. If the unit does not get returned then the issue is escalated to the manager for investigation and rectification so its unlikely you will lose Table Tracker units. What's more, its possible to produce an inventory report online through our reporting system directly to your PC.

Delivering food quickly and at the correct temperature is critical to the success of any restaurant. With Table Tracker, online reports are available to show these delivery times. Reports can be accessed by managers or the corporate office.

Watch the videos below from a real installation and check out exactly what the management at Jason's deli have to say about Table Tracker. It speaks for itself with this sort of feedback that Table Tracker is a must have for fast casual restaurants.


The system comprises of a touch screen PC monitor, receiver (V3 uses an iPAD), Table Tracker units, Starter/Clearing units, a To-Go unit and a layout of the restaurant that helps food runners to locate tables.

The Table Tracker unit is smaller than a DVD. Once the customer places the unit on the table, the unit detects the table number and then updates the information on the kitchen display.

There's nothing on the table (which looks exactly like your tables do right now) that takes up any table space. Table Tracker turns tables faster and orders are delivered promptly with as few food runners as possible.


Table Tracker Demonstration
 Jason's Deli Interview Part One 

Jason's Deli Interview Part Two


  • Complete solution for the fast casual restaurants.
  •  Increased Quality of Service.
  •  Handles the largest restaurants easily.
  • Hidden sensors on the table ensure that the system remains tamperproof.
  • Easy control of problem or late orders.
  • Robust units that can handle fast casual volumes.
  • Not available from other companies - LRS patented technology protects your investment.


  • Manager is instantly notified on late orders with times that suit your restaurant
  • Long Battery Life. Table Tracker units last up to 3 days on a single charge
  • Nothing on table tops*
  • Easy-to-read, color-coded touch screen display
  • To-Go unit speeds up delivery of takeout orders
  • Busser Unit get an insight into the time it takes to clean tables
  • Portable Clearing Unit clears orders as soon as they are delivered
  • 4-Point reporting shows:
        * Order time
        * Seat time
        * Delivery time
        * Close or cancel time
  •  Fast system installation completed during closed hours
  • Easy implementation with minimal training required
  • Full customer support

Late Order Handling

The monitor in the kitchen reports instantly to all when there is an issue with the order. Any delay and the order changes colour to yellow. If the delayed order is not resolved then it is escalated again to red on the screen. At this time the Table Tracker system will notify the manager about the late order. The manager is then able to help resolve any issues immediately.


Delivery of Service

An obvious aspect of fast casual and other restaurant environments is to prepare, collect and deliver food with the right timings thus the quality of service (QOS) is improved to the customer. A benefit of this is that customers who experience a high QOS will come back time and time again. And with improved efficiency there's no doubt that you will increase the profitability of the company.


Escalation of a Problem

Many of the LRS solutions today offer escalation of issues to the manager as a very useful aspect of one of the benefits of using LRS equipment. The manager has the opportunity to resolve issues that the customer may have from service in the restaurant and reduce the customers dissatisfaction by confirming that the order will soon be delivered.


Extensive Data Reporting

The reporting facility is accessed by using a computer browser so there's no installing software on your PC to get to that data and reports. And head office can get to the same data and reports too. The reports can show from real data exactly where improvement can be made in efficiency and performance within your restaurant. management information can also be downloaded for further analysis.


Efficient Management of Labour Costs

Once you are in possession of the real time data collected by Table Tracker you will be in a strong position to analyze when you are busy and when your restaurant is running slow. Its a simple matter to reschedule when you need staff and when you do not. Making your business utilise effective labour when you need it is absolutely key to successful bottom line profitability.




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