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Pharmacy Paging Solutions Make Staff More Efficient And Increase Customer Service

Pharmacy push for service buttons and staff paging solutions that increase efficiency

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Paging Solutions That Make The Pharmacy Industry More Efficient

The pharmacy industry is extremely competitive with new pharmacies opening up everywhere. Government regulations and the ability to maximise efficiency is the difference between a sustainable pharmacy and one that is less effective where profits are concerned.

Asking customers if you can 'collect' their prescriptions from the doctor and preparing for them is one option that helps, but there are much easier things a pharmacy can do to become more efficient overall, leading to better customer satisfaction and higher profitability.

We have a number of solutions which you might well find useful in your pharmacy or chemists dispensary, please check the options below.  pharmacy


Customer Push Button Solutions

SMS Text Paging Customers

Customer Paging Solutions

Nothing annoys a customer more than needing help and no one is around.

Ensure that doesn’t happen in your pharmacy with the wireless Butler XP push-for-service system.

Your customer simply presses a button and your staff can be there right away.

They get great service and you get a happy customer that will come back again and again.

Notify customers from any computer with an SMS text message or with any LRS pager.

NetPage Unlimited puts the power of both texting and onsite paging in a browser-based tool. Great for the drive-thru window also.

Customer-Pagers: Used for any time customers are waiting. With the LRS customer pagers you can call customers back easily. Customer paging speeds up service to customers and reduces perceived queues within the pharmacy.
Examine these  pagers:

* Coaster Call Pagers
* Guest Sessions
* Paddle Pagers
* Mobile Phone Paging
* Netpage Unlimited
butlerxp    Butler XP
A waterproof transmitter for indoors or outdoors use almost anywhere.



Two Way Radios

Two way radios for most applications with accessories to match. Motorola, Opus, Kenwood, iCOM and Vertex among others.


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