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Marine Paging Solutions Customer Push Button Paging 

LRS UK now has a dedicated website for Yachts Ferries and Liners so please visit for other information on our solutions for marine applications.

Because this is a very vertical area of our business we have specialists right here in the UK so we can advise the best solutions for your exact needs so please do contact us directly.

Equipment we can supply is typically broken down in to customer push for service buttons (waterproof), multi button push for service for customers, engine room solutions, security and fire alarm solutions and staff paging solutions.




Our custom equipment for yachts and other marine vehicles can meet every requirement that typically customers cannot find from other suppliers. It's the application of our technologies in this industry that set LRS UK equipment apart from other companies. We have been supplying the Yachting, Ferry and Liner communities for over seven years with excellent results. Customer feedback is exemplary and often some yacht owners extend our products in to their own property on land.

Current yacht users include:

Cuor Di Leone Yacht
Sirocco Yacht
MY Mustique Yacht
Kimberley II Yacht
Excellence III Yacht

and many more happy users. We can also supply many ferry companies that use our equipment and a few large liners upon request.


Please note that not all versions of wooden casings are always available and those are also continually being updated. Please ask for current details.



Below is a short video of one of our designer call buttons for guests on superyachts but note that we have hundreds of options and our guest call buttons have by far the longest range of any available.










For further details please do contact us directly.




We have the Best warranties in the World for our Customers.
A standard 3 year warranty with options to extend for up to ten years.
And Don't Forget our FREE Trial - Ask Sales For Full Details.

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