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Speciality Paging Equipment From LRS UK



Table Tracker System: Like GPS for your runners

This new fast casual solution for restaurants can also be used for other applications. the solution shows exactly where a customer is sitting in your company. Full reporting and paging options if the customer is served late.



Netpage Unlimited: PC paging with multiple uses

PC paging solution that has a limitless range as it can use the internet to page a staff member or customer anywhere in the world. The system also can use email and SMS messaging if required.



OptiCall: Opticians handover paging solution

OptiCall handover solution for opticians is designed specifically for optometrists to handover their customers to sales staff back on the floor. This system has proved extremely successful in the UK and other countries. OptiCall is an LRS UK trade mark.



Pronto Transmitter: Push Buttons one or six button

Low cost product that comes as a one or six button push button. Fully programmable with custom messaging and can page an individual, a group or everyone. Battery or optional mains driven. The unit can repage until the call is cancelled by a paged person.



Conference Call: push for service custom solutions

Completely custom made solution with custom branding if you need it. Conference Call comes in either one or two button versions. The unit can page custom text messages. Perfect for where customers use units or conference rooms. The perfect push for service solution for many applications.



Butler XP: Emergency help points push for service

Used throughout industry either as a simple push button for service or for health and safety and first aid call buttons. The unit is waterproof and quite robust in design. The Butler XP is available in a number of colours. It can be either battery or mains driven with the optional mains kit.



Butler II: Multiple use one or five button

The Butler II has been used throughout industry for multiple applications. It comes in one or five button versions. Messaging can be fully customised for your exact needs. The unit uses replaceable batteries which can last for up to one year but we have an optional mains adaptor as well. The Butler II can repage an individual, group or everyone and the cancel facility is available on this unit. Massive seller in the UK.



Transmitter: Serial port transmitter POS systems

The T7470-232 serial transmitter is controlled through a serial port on a computer and can transmit to every pager Long Range Systems make.



Transmitter: USB version of pc paging transmitter

The T7470USB USB transmitter is controlled through a computer USB port and can transmit to every pager Long Range Systems make.



Transmitter: Signal boost repeater

The word in signal boost repeaters. The repeater from LRS is two watts output and you can use as many as you need on any given site. There's no programming, simply plug in the unit and that's it. T7470 Repeater.



OEM TX: Custom unit integrates to OEM systems

A tiny transmitter that is used to integrate in to equipment so products developed by you can easily page a pager. There are 4 dry contacts that are fully programmable. The unit is driven with a simple RS 232 port on a computer or other device. The OEM TX can also work stand alone.



On-Cue: Free wait list application

A free wait list application that runs on an iPad from Apple computer. The program allows customer flow management in restaurants for faster table turns which means you become even more efficient. The application is downloadable from this website so go now and download your copy. 



DeafSafe Paging for Fire Alarm Systems

The law in the UK changed recently so that companies basically have to be able to provide suitable solutions for Deaf Persons when a fire alarm is activated. The Deaf Person MUST be aware of the alarm. LRS UK introduces DeafSafe™ Integra (for the smaller fire alarm system) and DeafSafe™ Ultra for fully compliant solutions.



              Further product updates appear on this page over time.

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