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Trade Shows and Special Event Custom Paging System Solutions

Trade shows today have increased in cost dramatically and are set to continue the trend come what may. Organisers seem happier to not sell space if they can't get their book pricing... we have all been there over the years. Some shows have even shrunk in size for protectionism of those organisers rates.

So it is absolutely critical that if you are going to attend a trade show or be part of an event that you have the ability to be extremely diligent about prospective customers who visit your stand.

Those overall costs here in the UK could easily total many tens of thousands of pounds, plus the down time at the office. But staff cannot always be on the stand, or you might indeed be so busy that staff cannot handle all the enquiries (even in these more difficult times). You will then lose that contact who will probably walk right to your competitor who is diligent enough to close the business right there with a deposit.

Bam... you lost the business.

How can you stop that sort of thing from happening? it's actually quite simple. We have introduced communication solutions for staff and even customers if your event is suitable.

It is possible to either buy or rent from us, solutions that solve these problems once and for all.

No matter what communications issues you might have at your trade show or event LRS UK can help.

We offer multiple paging and communications solutions specifically customised for this industry.




On-site alphanumeric pagers display a detailed message instructing the person what booth to return to.




   Butler II

A multiple use unit that currently has 5 buttons fully programmable. One dry contact for machinery integration or other use.


Our OEM TX has four dry contacts for integration in to any systems on site.


Two Way Radios

Complete solution & supply radios for most applications with accessories to match. Motorola, Opus, Kenwood, iCOM and Vertex among others.



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