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First Aid and H&S Emergency Pager Systems and Solutions in the UK

As a manufacturer of specialist equipment for health and safety and first aid, we know how important it is to get things right first time. Someone's life may depend on it.

Using equipment that might not be compliant for such tasks would be like walking a tight rope, with the resulting failures being extremely dangerous.


That's why LRS' emergency pager systems are manufactured to perform to full capacity in terms of compliance, frequency, quality, power output and longevity.

We have manufactured many emergency alert systems and comprehensive emergency pager solutions for the H&S industry, so you can depend on us as one of the leaders in our field in this important area.

Many references are available from large corporate accounts on request, so please don't hesitate to contact us for more details on our emergency pagers and other emergency alert systems.



Push for Service Buttons

PC Paging Solutions

SMS Text Paging on or Off Site

Incredible health and safety and first aid call points. Used throughout the UK. These units can be programmed to page individuals, groups or everyone or custom setup to your needs.

The Butler XP is one of our most robust health and safety and first aid help points. It can repeat page and send out a 'call answered' when repeat is cancelled.
If you have an infrastructure, it makes sense to use it for communications with customers and staff.



Our PC Paging System solution pages every pager we make as well as send SMS text and emails to emergency teams if necessary.

 SMS Text Messaging

Communicate with emergency staff or get messages out the T7470 Freedom transmitter  - easily send out a page to a pager or an SMS text to mobile cellphone.
butlerxpThe Butler XP

This is a waterproof transmitter for inside or outdoors use. Staff are just a button press away from assistance or service and the range is around 200 metres.
   Two Way Radios

Radios for many applications with full list of accessories. Motorola, Opus, Kenwood, iCOM and Vertex among others. Also digital systems.
butler ii    Butler II

A small unit with up to five messages. 5 button units. This can be used in multiple scenarios for staff or customer emergencies.


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