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Alpha Coaster Call Pager for Guest Paging Solutions

Send Advertising TEXT while your Guest or Customer is Waiting for their Service or Table

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Coaster Pager with a Twist for Improved Profits

The Alpha Coaster from LRS is a revelation for business when it comes down to promotion of special offers while customers wait. Of course the unit can recall guests or customers just like our regular guest pager too, but watch your profitability increase as the alpha coaster does what it does best.

The Coaster pager was developed and patented in 1995 and since then waiting guests or customers have never felt so good, and profits never improved so dramatically. These are the most robust products you can buy with an emphasis on quality and support.


But most importantly, the alpha coaster will make queues invisible and reduce walk aways as well as (when using the text feature with a compatible transmitter) promoting your special deals and/or services on offer at any given time. Program messages and send automatically at given times with minimum 'flash' of the pager to draw attention of the guest to your promo.



  • Call guests or customers back at the press of a button.
  • Create an invisible queue and reduce walkaways dramatically.
  • Turn tables faster id you operate a restaurant and create a better service to your customers or guests.
  • Send Advertisements and special offers such as 'happy hour' directly to customers (or all of them) while they wait.
  • LRS patented technology available only from LRS.


  • The Alpha coaster call display is 255 characters LCD
  • Rubber bumper around the pager to protect the device if dropped
  •  The unit will stack any way around on its charger base for ease of use
  • Available in Blue, Green or Smoked colours
  • Up to 48 hours use from one single 8 hour charge
  • Flash beep or vibe AND message - its your choice
  • Tracking facility
  • Light which flashes when off the charger to confirm the unit is charged and ready for service
  • Operates at 459.100Mhz UK legal

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